Seafood Restaurants – Portuguese Style

If you’re looking for one of the top Portuguese, and seafood restaurants in Johannesburg, don’t take our word for it, SA has spoken.  We’ve bagged the best of Joburg award from 2006-2014, as well as the best of Pretoria. We also have an exclusive range of wines, finely crafted to complement our delicious meals – in true Portuguese style. Come try our Prawns, drizzled in lemon butter and garlic sauce, spicy Chouriço, delectable Chicken, or famous grilled Portuguese Steak; we’re always ready and waiting to serve. At any Adega, we love to bring the taste of Portugal into your kitchen. After all, we’re your family, away from home! Once you have tasted our delicious seafood; you’ll know that that the benchmark for a seafood restaurant will be your local Adega. 

Our brand has proven so popular, we now expanding into Africa, bringing Adega’s delicious seafood, to inland Africa. Adega is full of “SOL”, making it one of the continents most loved seafood restaurants.

We’ve just launched our new mobile app. Do you know, you will earn 10% back on loyalty to spend at your favourite Adega seafood restaurant? And, when you order takeaway through our mobile app – you save between 20 – 25% because you order at restaurant prices! You simply cannot afford not to be an Adega loyalty club customer.  Download our app here

Come grab the tastiest seafood, chicken & steaks

If you ask most of our customers – the first thing they’ll talk about is our taste. We’re big on flavour! Come try our delicious chicken, world-class prawns, seafood, or our sublime steaks and espetadas. You’ll be craving for more. 

Our secret recipes have been passed on from generation to generation. Our dishes are expertly prepared, and bursting with flavour. Adega is always open, excited to serve you with the same warm hospitality that you have always remembered. 

Book now, at your favourite Adega seafood restaurant.