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These chicken delicacies are marinated and cooked in garlic, white wine and Portuguese spices

R 69.00

Chicken Livers

Grilled the Portuguese way with onions, and a hint of chilli

R 69.00


Fresh Ocean Oysters

R 31.00

Stuffed Calamari

Falklands calamari stuffed with prawns, feta and creamy sauce with a hint of chilli

R 119.00

Massa / Pasta


Cream based sauce with fresh tomatoes, a hint of chilli and coriander, topped with a generous serving of 8 queen prawns

R 199.00


Grilled chicken strips tossed in a tomato based sauce and finished with a dash of cream

R 149.00


Prawns, mussels and calamari in a cream based sauce with a hint of garlic and olive oil

R 199.00


A unique medley of vegetables bound in a creamy cheese sauce with a hint of chilli and fresh parsley

R 129.00

Flaming Espetadas

~That Instagramable Moment~

Seafood Espetada

4 Prawns, calamari, kingklip, green peppers, and onions, skewered and drizzled with our famous lemon butter sauce
Served with chips, rice or vegetables

R 269.00

Picanha Espetada

Tender picanha cubes, skewered and grilled in Adegas’ unique spices. Served with your choice of chips, rice or vegetables

R 209.00

Pork Belly Espetada

Grilled, tender pork belly, Served with your choice of chips, rice or vegetables

R 179.00

Rump Espetada

Grilled, tender rump cubes served with mealie patties, and your choice of chips, rice or vegetables

R 199.00

Vegano / Vegan

Vegetarian Prawns

Prawn flavoured vegetable bites in a light tempura style batter, served with hummus and tzatziki

R 119.00

Vegan Platter

Vegan prawns, vegetable schnitzel, vegan meatballs, chicken-style nuggets, mushrooms and selected vegetables 

R 179.00

Fruto Do Mar / Seafood

Bacalhau a Braz / Cod Fish a Braz

Shredded cod fish with fried onions, chipped potatoes, garlic and egg, all carefully blended together and pan fried. This is a tasty dish for the adventurous palate

R 219.00

Grilled Kingklip

Fresh and filleted, served with lemon butter and boiled potatoes and vegetables (slimmers option available, ask your waitron)

R 259.00

Grilled Sole

Only the best soles are selected and grilled with lemon butter, served with boiled potatoes and vegetables

R 219.00


18 King Prawns

An Adega speciality! All our prawns are selected with great care and grilled to perfection

R 529.00


20 Queen Prawns

An Adega speciality! All our prawns are selected with great care and grilled to perfection

R 469.00

Flambéed Prawns

Your Instagrammable Moment

8 Queen prawns flambéed at your table

R 239.00

Combinacoes / Combos

LM Style Chicken & 5 Prawns

Half a spring chicken and 5 queen prawns grilled in lemon butter


R 259.00

Familia Platter

This family feast will keep the whole family satisfied with our delicious selection of 1kg queen prawns, grilled calamari, full chicken, Portuguese or Greek salad served with chips and rice

R 749.00

Frangos / Chicken

LM Style Full Chicken

Full chicken marinated in true Mozambican fashion, grilled whole or cut to your liking (mild / hot / very hot) served with chips or rice

R 195.00

Grilled Chicken Breast

Tender chicken breast stuffed with spinach and feta, grilled golden brown and served with a side salad

R 149.00

Carne / Meat

Tomahawk Steak

800g prime rib served on the bone for extra flavour. A true delight for those meat lovers.

R 529.00


250g Pork or rump steak cubes served with mealie patties, chips or rice and vegetables

R 189.00

Picanha Steak

A meat experience like no other. 300g Beef cut from the top of the rump, this naturally marbled and juicy cut, is a firm favourite

Our Monks recommended choice!

R 219.00


Traditional Portuguese favourite. 150 / 300g Rump steak cooked in our site secret sauce, topped with an egg and served with round chips

300g – R 209.00

R 149.00

Sobremesa / Dessert


A velvet smooth, rich and sweet Adega dessert with a sour cream cap adding the perfect balance to this decadent delight

R 79.00

Creme Caramel

Traditional Portuguese pudding topped with caramel syrup

R 59.00

Chocolate Meltdown

A decadent nutty chocolate brownie enveloped in a rich chocolate sphere. Served with a sizzling lush caramel sauce

R 149.00

Chocolate Mousse

A decadent speciality for all lovers of chocolate

R 79.00