Bem Vindo to Adega Lounge!

Check out some highlights from our Adega Lounge Menu

We are so proud to introduce Adega’s new kid on the block – Adega Lounge. The lounge culture has become so popular around the world, as it promotes an intimate experience, where one can hang around a classy bar, joining in on conversations already underway or to sit down with friends, and strangers along the bar.

We thought to bring you a similar experience, and add super cool, and tasty cocktails, together with phenomenal petiscos dishes in a gorgeous setting. The Adega Lounge is a an upmarket, warm, and friendly space to meet friends, and to create amazing, long lasting memories.

The word, “petiscos” is Portuguese for “snacks”, and are very similar to tapas. The petiscos dishes have been carefully curated to enhance your stay in our lounges by delivering big on taste, allowing you the flexibility to try out a few small petiscos dishes while sipping on fabulous cocktails that were designed by one of the world’s top mixologists.

Having cocktails and petiscos at one of our lounges is not just about having a drink or something to eat. It’s about experiencing the exquisite pleasures that life has to offer.

Come grab a bite

Cold Meat Board / Charcurtaria

Parma Ham, Paio , Coppa, Chouriço, Salami

R 90.00 pp

Seafood Board / Travessa de mariscos

Mussels, Calamari, 4 x King prawns, Oysters x 4, Scallops x 4

R 290.00 for two people

resunto com melão

Parma Ham and Melon

R 105.00

(your choice of 2)

Chicken, Prawn or Mince

R 39.00

Signature Cocktails

The monk’s smile
/ o sorriso do monge

Martell vs, caperitif, jw double black, complex syrup, pineapple juice, lemon juice


The forbidden fruit
/ a fruta proibida

Glenlivet founders reserve, apple and ginger syrup, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, jw double black, angostura bitters


Fado on 47th

Monkey 47, tomato & oregano cordial, campari, supasawa, bitters


The mother-in-law
/ a sogra

Absolut original, mixed berry syrup, lime juice, triple sec, soda water


Classic Cocktails

Pornstar Martini

Absolut vanilla, lemon juice, granadilla’s, granadilla juice, passoa liqueur, vanilla syrup, brut champagne/mcc



Olmeca altos reposado, just short paloma


Tommy’s Margarita

Absolut, just short future Mary


The mother-in-law
/ a sogra

Olmeca altos blanco, lime juice, agave